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Fence Staples U Nails, Sod Staples, Factory , China – For Importers and Wholesalers
Fence Staple Products:
Sod Staples
Diamond point, smooth shank, for attaching garden or landscape fabrics in positions. Also called Landscape Anchors or Landscape Staples.
Fence Stapling Wire ( U Nails Shaped)
Staple Length: 1 1/4"-- 3"
Nail Diameter:0.083"--0.135".
For securing of woven wirefield fenceand barbed wire to wooden posts. Used in construction of deer fence, cattle fence...
Stainless Steel Fence Staples
Wire Gauge: 13, 13, 10
Leg length: 1", 1-1/4", 2"
Electro Galvanized Fence Staples
EG wire staples fastening wire and metal fence fabrics to wooden posts.
Hot Dipped Galvanized Fence Staple
Simplified as H.D.G. fence staple. Heavy zinc plated staple nails offer better performance compared with EG treated nails.
Galvanized Barbed Shank Fence Staples
Fence Staples with single barb or double barb shanks. For barbed wire fence installation. Export To USA,CANADA,UK,Australia.
Chicken Wire, Poultry Netting and Staples
Poultry Netting Staple - 14 Gauge* 3/4 inch length. Securing chicken netting and various poultry wire netting products.
Stapling Nails Fastening Wire and Field Fence Fabrics

Dezhou Fence Staple Factory is a located in North China, specializing on Wire Fence and Fence Staples manufacture and export.

This factory supplies a variety of metal wire mesh fences and stapling nails for securing and installation of the fences.

Stapling Nails are hoop nails made of primary basic steel wire. Finishes of wire staples are electro galvanized or hot dipped galvanized.

U nails staples for wire or fencing fastening have the body of a nail bent into the shape of a “U” and pointed on both ends. The hoop heads can be flat or rounded. The shanks of the wire nails can be smooth or babed at option. U nail stapling wire is popularly used to attach Plastic and Metal Grid Wire Fences to trees and wood posts. Dezhou also offers Sod Stables for anchoring landscape fabrics to soils.

We offer two varieties according to nail sizes. The larger 2-inch nails are preferred for most purposes. The smaller 1.25 inch and under are good for use on thin-barked trees like maples, and also for attaching deer fence to wood posts, houses, or existing wooden fences.

Dezhou fencing staple can be used to fasten Field Fence, Chain link fence, Deer Fence, Cattle Fence, Horse Fence and Chicken Wire, Poultry Netting, Barbed Wire Fence and various wire fences. Materials we supply include zinc coated steel and stainless steel. Galvanized fence staple offers economic cost and good corrosion resistance while stainless steel staple nails are used for high grade fences offering longer service life.

We supply a variety of mesh fences including Field Fence, Chain link fence, Deer Fence, Cattle Fence, Horse Fence and Chicken Wire, Poultry Netting, Barbed Wire Fence.

Major Products:


  • Fence Staples (U Nails) for Field Fence Installation
  • Sod Stables / Landscape Staples / Garden Stakes / Fabric Pins
  • Galv. Landscape Staples Pins
  • Rounded Head U Staple Nails
  • Bright Smooth Shank U Nail Galvanized Fence Staples
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized Chicken Wire Fence Staple
  • Galvanized Barbed Smooth Staple Nails for Barbed Wire Fencing Fixing
  • U Nails for Poultry Netting and Rabbit Netting Fixing
  • Hinge Joint and Fixed Knot Field Fence
  • Cattle Fence, Deer Fence
  • Chicken Wire / Poultry Wire Fence
  • Barbed Wire
  • Fence posts
  • Common nails

Photos of Products:

U Shape Hooped Fence Staple Nails with Barbed Shank
Landscape Staples for Holding Sods and Turfs
HDG Fence Staples for Barbed Wire Fence Installation to Wooden Fence Posts
Galvanized Steel Sod Staples with Flat Tops for Garden Tomota Support Stakes
High Tensile Steel Wire Fences for Deer and Cattle Farming
Galvanized Steel Chicken Wire Netting
Field Fence is normally installed with U nails to trees or wooden poles
Hexagonal Mesh Netting

Popular U Fence Nails Products Specifications for Export:

Smooth Shank U Nail Galvanized Fence Staples Bright Finish:

Material: low carbon steel wire rod, Q195 ;
Diameter: 1.5mm-5.0mm ;
Length: 15mm-50mm ;
Surface treatment: mechanical galvanized, electro galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, polished/bright.
Shank: smooth, barbed ;
Point: diamond, skew point(presser point).

Wire Staple Anchors EG Finish for Erosion Resistance Landscape Fabric Fastening to the Soil:

Length in Inch Spread  at Shoulders Approx. Quantity
Per lb
7/8 1/4 120
1 1/4 108
1 1/8 1/4 96
1 1/4 1/4 87
1 1/2 1/4 72
1 3/4 1/4 65

Poultry Netting Staples HDG Finish:

Length in Inch. Spreadat
Approx. Quantity
Per lb
3/4 3/16 480
7/8 3/16 416
1 3/16 352

Light Duty Hoop Staples for Attaching Polypropylene or PVC Mesh Nettings:

LengthIn. Spread At Shoulders Approx. Quantity
Per lb
1/2 3/16 610
5/8 3/16 568

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We aim at providing quality fencing products and are now trying to expand our business line. We can offer Field Fence, Poultry Fence, Wire Nails, Fence Staples, Posts and spikes for customers.

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