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U Nails Stapling Wire Sod Staples ( Landscape Staples ) EG Fence Staple Nails H.D. G. Steel Wire StapleGalvanized Barbed Shank Fence StaplesChicken and Poultry Netting StapleStainless Steel U Nails Wire Field Fence for Cattle Fencing Galvanized Wire Mesh Chicken Netting

Galvanized Fence Staple U Nails for Field Fence Installation, with Smooth or Barbed Shanks
Product Description

Fence staples are special wire nails with the nail body bent into the shape of a “U” and pointed on both ends. Also known as U-nails. U shape nail staples are popularly used for fastening Wire Mesh Field Fences to wood fence posts or trees. Field fence is a kind of hinged joint or fixed knot wire netting widely used as perimeter farm guard fence for cattle, horse, deer, sheep and other animals. Dezhou exports smooth shank fence staples and barbed shank fence staples. Available in forms of EG, HDG and stainless steel u nails. They are also used for other wire fences fixing, building construction, packing and furniture making.

EG Fence Staples U nails for Cattle Field Fence:

Galvanized Fence Stapling Nails

Field Fencing for Cattle Farming

HDG U Nails Staples with Smooth Shank and Diamond Point:

HDG U Staples for Deer Fencing Fastening

Popular Products and Inquries for Various U Nails, from Our Customers Worldwide

Electro-plated Galvanized Barbed Fence Staple (u nails ), Single Barb or Double Barb

50mm long x 4mm wire thickness ( 2 inches long X 3/16 inches thick ) galvanized barbed fence staples in :
(a) 10 tonne lots
(b) 10 tonne lots packed in batches of 100 x 10 kg.


Fence Staples HDG, Size: 1-1/4 inch


Fence Staple U Nails Stainless Steel for Fixed Knot Wire Field Fence

Stainless steel fence staples with Nail wire diameter 3.5mm, with leg length of 15mm.

Min. Order Quantity: 3000pcs

Stainless Steel Staple, wire gauge-10, leg length-2".
Stainless steel fence staples, 12gauge or larger, 2 in long.


2" - 3" Bright Smooth Shank Galvanized Fence Staples (U Nails) for Stapling Wire Cable to Wood Poles

Fence staples of 2", 2 ¾” – 3” in size. 

Galvanized fence staple ( U nail ) 13mm wide for stapling cable to wood poles.

The quantity required is 20000 nos.



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